Lenten Menu at Safmar Palace Moscow

The Great Fast turns many of us into ardent vegans. In his Lent menu Chef Roman Strochkin of Safmar Palace Moscow hotel recommends how to combine benefits for the body and soul with pleasure during this period.

For 48 days vegetables are given the principal parts in menus. Zucchini and avocado, eggplants and broccoli: every one of them gets a proper credit. In Salad with tomatoes, zucchini and tofu (850 RUB) and in Avocado cream with vegetable tartar and baguette (990 RUB) each and every vegetable is a prominent solo performer. But what really makes the dishes a success is a balanced combination of all.

Soup can still be filling and delicious without meat-based broth and Broccoli puree soup (700 RUB) is a good confirmation of the fact. Delicate and smooth, it melts the hearts of both vegans and non-vegans.

The menu offers Potato balls with mushrooms and cnahterelle mousse (950 RUB), where ingredients are typical for Cenral Russia, while Baked eggplant with tofu and tomato sauce (700 RUB), is a nod to the south of the country.

And don’t swear off desserts. Chocolate peanut cake (500 RUB) as well as «Nuts» with dark chocolate, coconut condensed milk, raspberries and black currants (350 RUB) will sweeten a bit your “hard” lent diet. Their minimum calories will ensure maximum pleasure.